PĀMU is a Māori owned and operated brand from New Zealand created by founder Alicia in 2022. Alicia is a passionate innovator and entrepreneur with a deep commitment to creating high-quality affordable products that are both stylish and functional. Her aim was to provide wahine with timeless jewellery pieces that are not only affordable but have a taste of luxury. With a background in design and business, Alicia has a knack for creating products that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing to suit everyone. As an eczema sufferer Alicia found it difficult to buy affordable jewellery that wouldn't irritate her skin and cause a severe rash. It was very important to her that the jewellery she was creating was hypoallergenic.


A great company is never built alone. Meet all of the lovely people behind PĀMU making it the company it is today


All of our jewellery pieces are made of stainless steel and are PVD 18k gold plated this allows all of our jewellery pieces to be water resistant and tarnish free.


Our PĀMU Jewellery boxes are made to be reused, we have created them so they will fit multiple pieces and are great for travel. They're a gorgeous way to store your pieces. All orders are sent in eco-friendly 100% recyclable shipping bags. No plastic or bubble wrap are used in our parcels